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p>comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Web Properties for September 2011
Online Gambling Sites Collect Web Traffic Winnings
Students and Teachers Kick Off the New School Year at Education Sites

RESTON, VA, October 20, 2011 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its monthly analysis of U.S. web activity at the top online properties for September 2011 based on data from the comScore Media Metrix service. Online Gambling sites witnessed the strongest lift in traffic in September with sports betting front-and-center as the NFL season kicked off. The new school year also swung into gear in September, which encouraged students and teachers to visit Education Information and Resource sites.

“In September, Americans browsed a variety of web content, with Online Gambling, Education and Political News sites ranking at the top of our fastest-growing categories list,” said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore. “Fall television lineups also premiered in September, earning ABC Television and TV Guide Online Network spots on the list of top-gaining properties, along with NFL Internet Group and ESPN as the long-awaited NFL season began.”
Americans All-In For Online Gambling

Online Gambling sites represented the fastest growing category in September, up 13 percent to 9.7 million visitors. PokerStars ranked first in the category with 1.1 million visitors (up 11 percent), followed by with 993,000 (up 36 percent), FullTiltPoker with 753,000, SimSlots, Inc. with 655,000 (up 5 percent) and with 520,000 (up 85 percent).

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Eric Roza, Digital Media Industry Veteran, Promoted to CEO of Datalogix

WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Datalogix, the leader at integrating database marketing and digital media, today announced it has promoted Eric Roza to Chief Executive Officer.

Roza joined Datalogix in 2007 as its President. Since that time the company has experienced rapid change and expansion including the hiring of over eighty new employees and a doubling of revenues in the past twenty-four months.

“Eric has done a wonderful job of assembling a very experienced and motivated senior management team which has transformed our business from a direct marketing company to become the leader in digital advertising via our use of real-world purchase data,” said Rob Gierkink, former CEO of Datalogix who will continue to serve as its Chairman. “At a time when the economy is struggling we’re very pleased with the double-digit annual growth we’ve seen in our direct mail business and the confidence our clients have shown in our team and our capabilities.”

“Our growth has been driven by our client’s desire to deliver meaningful messages to customers, both online and offline, based on their demonstrated purchase behavior,” said Roza. “Datalogix is at the forefront of the data-centric marketing approach that is changing the way marketing messages are delivered to consumers. Our team is single-minded in its focus to provide these capabilities to our clients so they can realize exceptional and measurable returns on their marketing investments.”

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Rocket Fuel Goes Real-Time, Integrates Ad Targeting Data

Ads aren’t as effective as they could be. It takes data — lots of it — and many different kinds. Integrating survey data to improve real-time ad targeting, Rocket Fuel on Monday will unveil an update to Brand Booster that integrates survey results in any digital channel across all campaigns. The tool — built on the company’s Real-Time Targeting Platform — optimizes multichannel campaigns in real-time, tying metrics from display, video, mobile, and social advertising campaigns.

Brand Booster 2.0 aims to improve media buys based on awareness, preference and purchase intent, rather than proxy metrics like clicks that do not represent actual consumers going into a store to buy a product. The platform relies on brand data to make media-buying decisions in real-time.

George John, CEO of Rocket Fuel, said marketers typically don’t have access to brand survey results until after campaigns run or through manual reports that don’t easily integrate into media-planning tools as quickly as they should. It requires a quick response to make a difference.

The evolution of real-time ad serving and predictions based on the method creates new challenges for marketers. For Rocket Fuel clients, learning how to spend money wisely on campaigns means optimizing campaigns in real-time through answers to survey questions. The platform adjusts ads that serve up as questions are answered. A consumer products goods (CPG) company launching a new shampoo might need to know if consumers in Los Angeles would prefer a rose scent rather than carnation.

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Standing Up for Audience Targeting

Last week, John Mracek, the CEO of NetSeer, commented that audience targeting is overrated and touted the benefits of contextual targeting. While I can appreciate that early-generation audience targeting lacked scale and performance causing industry-wide frustration, that was three years ago. At that point, audience targeting amounted to contextual-consumption data and the data markets of today were non-existent.

Fast forward to today. Much has changed although many solutions are still incomplete. Successful audience targeting requires an entirely new solution, as well as a fundamental shift in the way we think about audience and data. Opposed to contextual platforms, which have existed for nearly twelve years, true audience targeting is still in its infancy. Right now successful execution requires access to diverse sets of data that haven’t been widely available until recently, so it?s easy to understand why most people still believe that scalable audience targeting beyond context is unachievable.

However, to say that data is the new black is to say that having the opportunity to make informed decisions is in style and will come to pass. Utilizing data effectively helps contribute to better business decisions overall. That?s unlikely to change as time goes by and data becomes more integral to our businesses. While the term ?data? is used quite loosely, user data can be used for much more than just targeting.

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Amanda Maffey

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$250B Lost? Brands Are Still Getting Online Ads Wrong

In the 1990s tech bubble, one entrepreneur was famous for making incredible statements such as, ?literally, people will die this year because they didn?t buy my software.? His name was Michael Saylor and he was CEO of MicroStrategy, a company that sold ? let?s be honest ? boring enterprise software.

I always thought that was a nutty thing to say, but recently in an animated discussion with some colleagues about the sorry state of online advertising, I found myself arguing that if half of the annual $500 billion in advertising spend is wasted, then something is massively wrong. Then I heard myself say ?literally, people have died because of bad advertising.?

Why is online advertising failing to live up to its potential in the hands of brands and their agencies? Because they have not kept pace with the evolution of technology and consumer behavior. Here are three things main problems holding back the online advertising industry:

Online ad spend lags consumer behavior by five years.

You can?t swing a stick at an ad:tech conference without hitting someone familiar with the Mary Meeker chart showing that online ad spending is way below where it should be given the time people spend online. Considering people are shifting their entire lives online, advertisers are overspending on TV and print, and drastically underspending on Internet ads. Brands need to up their spend on online now, but do so with measureable metrics in mind. (In other words, just throwing more money at badly targeted and underperforming online ads won?t fix the problem.)

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Jumptap Delivers a Mobile First, Deploying Off-line Data at Scale to Create Audience Insights and Targeting for Mobile Advertisers

Partnerships with Acxiom, Datalogix, Polk, and TARGUSinfo?s AdAdvisor Deliver Improved Campaign Results for Advertisers

?CAMBRIDGE, MA. August 17, 2011 ? Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, today announced partnerships with four leading providers of primary off-line data, helping mobile advertisers deliver highly-targeted and effective campaigns. These partnerships are the first in the industry to combine off-line audience insights and true network scale.

?Jumptap?s advertisers have already seen great results from this deeper level of data. Jumptap recently helped a major auto advertiser target ads to ZIP codes including customers that show a high inclination toward its brand. Ads targeted to these ZIP codes showed lift over broadly targeted ads in virtually every campaign. One campaign showed an 85 percent lift over the control campaigns not using data targeting. For more information on this campaign and other data, download Jumptap?s June 2011 MobileSTAT report.

?As part of these strategic partnerships, Acxiom, a leader in marketing services and technology that provides consumer segmentation and targeted direct mail solutions, supplies Jumptap with anonymous information to assist advertisers in reaching audiences in a specific demographic or life stage.

Datalogix, the leader at integrating database marketing and digital media, provides Jumptap with the ability to use anonymous purchase-based data in key verticals such as retail, consumer packaged goods, loyalty and more. Past purchases are the strongest predictor of future purchase behavior and the Datalogix database includes almost every U.S. household and contains over $1 trillion in consumer purchase behavior.

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