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By Amanda Maffey   |   Posted at 3:29 pm on April 9, 2012   |   No Comments
Natural Born Clickers

In 2009, comScore and Starcom produced a joint study of clickers that concluded 8 percent of the Internet audience is responsible for 85 percent of the clicks.
This report elicits an examination of your frequent clickers and whether they are the audience your brand is looking to reach. This is fundamentally important to consider before selecting click-through rate (CTR) as a campaign metric.

My own research suggests something similar to comScore/Starcom. The analysis is constrained to an audience of just clicks and not Internet users.

However, the results show a similar skew to the comScore/Starcom results. In a sample of 200,000 random clickers taken in March 2012, I found that 40 percent of the clicks were produced by 20 percent of the clickers.
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9 Steps to Building a Content Marketing Strategy
Over the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz about content marketing. Blog posts touting that the key to social media is good content abound and many books have been written about it. It should be obvious that content is important to social media, or any marketing for that matter. The actual commercial that you put on the air is vital to your television strategy and the actual advertisement is vital to your print strategy. Yet, because social media is free, and because the technology creates a barrier for some, we seem to have forgotten the importance of content.
Content is vital to the success of any social media effort – what you actually talk about matters. As we have become more comfortable with the tools of social media and amassing our friend/fan/follower counts, we’re now figuring out that content, or what we actually say, matters too.

Why Content Marketing?

But developing a solid content marketing strategy isn’t just important as a social object to be posted in Twitter or on Facebook. It’s also a strategy that can support search engine marketing and branding and positioning.

In an era of permission-based marketing, brands need to provide value in order for consumers to pay attention to them, and increasingly, that value is found in content. Providing the right content when and where your consumers want it in a format that is easy for them to digest is key to content marketing.
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