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Driving Mobile to Scale

Mobile advertising is beginning to live up to its promise. There is so much innovation at the moment that it’s hard to find a more exciting place to be. But as with all beginnings, a million things still need to fall into place before mobile fully evolves.
In order to drive growth, education is vital. We must to continue to educate and evangelize about mobile’s range of advantages to marketers and agencies.
Then we need to deliver the goods. In order to do so, we have to establish a more scalable framework where the creativity and special features of smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices are not being compromised.
New ad formats are a given when it comes to achieving this goal. Embracing the ecosystem’s desire for richer brand marketing that speaks to mobile’s unique requirements and benefits, one of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s key initiatives of this year is the Mobile Rising Stars contest. Winning ad format concepts were revealed a few short weeks ago in Miami Beach at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. These winning ad concepts will go through a development, deployment, and testing process and, with success, be inducted into the IAB standard advertising unit portfolio, the definitive standards for the digital advertising industry.
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Are Ad Servers Specifically For Publishers Or Advertisers Still Necessary?
Publisher ad server. Advertiser ad server.

Does it really matter any more?

As ad servers on both sides of the digital media aisle look to buy and sell, ad serving capabilities would, in theory, appear to be on the verge of merging – especially as demand-side platforms, sell-side platforms and exchanges take over the delivery of real-time biddable ad impressions.

AdExchanger reached out to executives in the data-driven ad ecosystem and asked the following:?”Are ad servers specifically dedicated to the publisher or advertiser still necessary?”

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?James Avery, CEO, Adzerk

?Sebastiaan Schepers, COO, BannerConnect

?Dean McRobie, CTO, annalect (Omnicom)

?Ben Kneen, Director of Ad Products, WebMD

?Eric Simon, VP Business Operations, [x+1]

?Brian Tomasette, VP Media Products, DoublePositive Marketing Group

?Larry Allen, SVP Business Development, 24/7 Real Media

James Avery, CEO, Adzerk

“No. As a product guy it baffles me that they have continued as separate products for so long. The difference between a publisher side ad server and an advertiser side ad server is small enough that many small and medium size advertisers currently use publisher ad servers (especially the free ones). Adding to the pressure for these products to combine is that the modern ad network tends to be a half publisher and half advertiser – on any given day they might be optimizing the traffic that comes from their publishers or placing ad buys through the exchanges or through other publisher side ad servers. As publisher side ad servers continue to add the features that these networks and small advertisers are looking for the feature gap will close and advertiser side ad servers will start to see more and more competition from the publisher side ad servers.”
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