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div id=”_mcePaste”>MMA Guidelines Create Order Out of a Tangle Of Mobile Ad Sizes

In an effort to standardize display ads on mobile devices and thus make them easier for brand and media managers to buy, the Mobile Marketing Association has come up with six standard units for mobile phones and recommended specific ad sizes for use on tablet devices.

The Universal Mobile Ad Package was arrived at after an MMA analysis of some 150 billion mobile ad impressions in the second quarter of 2011 arrived at the conclusion that mobile ads were being bought and delivered in some 60 common formats in the U.S.

That profusion of ad sizes and shapes amounts to a lack of standards, says MMA president and CEO Greg Stuart, and could inhibit the growth of mobile advertising among marketers.
?There are two things you have to do to promote mobile advertising,? Stuart says. ?One is to help marketers understand the value of mobile to their brands: how they can use it, what the ROI is, how it fits into the rest of their marketing mix and so on. But after doing that education on value, the second task is to reduce the friction of using mobile ads. If there?s a high cost of implementation or execution, then marketers and their agencies will stay away.?
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Major Retail Mobile Sites, Apps Reached 60% Of Smartphone Owners During Holiday 2011
The renewed emphasis on mobile Web development among brands in 2011 paid off last holiday as many more mobile shoppers accessed the major retailers via browser than app.

According to Nielsen metering data taken directly from over 5,000 volunteers and their devices late in the year, the top brands combined — including Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Target and Walmart — reached nearly 60% of smartphone users during the height of the shopping season. But in most cases the majority of that traffic was coming to the retail mobile Web site and not the app.

In October, mobile Web among the top five retailers reached 53% of smartphones, but 45% were accessing the retailer over their Web site and 24% via apps. At the height of m-commerce season in December, overall reach into smartphones among the top retailers peaked at 59%, but 51% of smartphone users were touching the brands via the browser and 28% by app.

As the season ebbed in January, the full reach of retail among smartphone returned to the pre-season level of 52%.
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