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By Amanda Maffey   |   Posted at 8:44 am on December 23, 2011   |   Comments Off

Brands Challenged To Create Persona To Keep Customers

Just as marketers decide to push more of their budget from direct response and into brand campaigns, it could become more difficult to sway consumers in 2012 through loyalty. Consumers seemed easily influenced this year by advertised specials and daily deal coupons, but research suggests the online ad industry may need to rethink strategies and get to work on new technologies.

Target, for example, created a persona of stocking chic, yet inexpensive products, according to Stacy DeBroff, CEO and founder of Mom Central Consulting. “Michael Graves could create a teapot, but it’s only $11,” she said. “They designed coolness into better prices. That’s a persona.”

Ad media is great at generating awareness, but it doesn’t necessarily convert to purchases, DeBroff said. Mobile applications on the smartphone that most consumers keep close to them can create brand loyalty through continual use. Those that offer discounts on goods and services provide incentives to keep consmers using tham.

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The Future Of Display: What’s Ahead For 2012

It’s the oldest format in online advertising, but it’s not stodgy by any stretch. Display Advertising is still changing rapidly as new technologies and innovations come along and are put to the test. That may be why display been gaining as a percentage of overall online advertising revenues, commanding 37% of the total dollars in the first half of 2011 according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s latest report (PDF).

But what’s ahead in 2012 for this space? One area that’s seen a lot of growth is performance-oriented display, often fueled by behavioral data from search or from a company’s website. To get some insight into what we might expect from this sector in the future, we tapped three experts to give us their predictions.

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