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Real-Time Bidding Turns Into Real-Time Behavioral Targeting
Most marketers have heard about real-time bidding, but what about real-time behavioral targeting (BT)? While some brands want to downplay the fact they use targeting services, Rocket Fuel executives continue to tout what founder and CEO George John calls “real-time” BT.

John, a former Yahoo exec and NASA engineer, said real-time BT gives advertisers the ability to see improvements in brand metrics as the campaign runs. More than 400 brands and agencies worldwide run on Rocket Fuel’s audience targeting platform to reach consumers throughout the purchase funnel. “We didn’t foresee the evolution of real-time bidding when we started Rocket Fuel,” he said. “Now that it exists, it’s the perfect infrastructure to build on, because it’s the way the online ad industry buys impressions.”

In fact, the same lines of code that that do intelligent bidding also enable the platform to do intelligent ad serving, John said. The technology combines behavioral, contextual, geographic, demographic, and other data analytics techniques to target ads across the Web in display, video, social, and mobile channels.
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Jumptap doubles size of patent portfolio in less than a year

CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 28, 2011 – Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, announced that it has been awarded its 14th patent issued by the United States Patent Office.  The patent, #7,970,389, is titled “Presentation of sponsored content based on mobile transaction event.”

Jumptap’s patent portfolio, which has grown by eight new patents in the past 12 months, covers targeted advertising on mobile devices – including phones and tablets – powered by data such as demographic, geographic, behavioral, contextual, and transactional information.  As such, Jumptap believes the portfolio is fundamental to the operations of any mobile advertising business that seeks to use data for targeting.   The complete list of the company’s patents is available on its web site at .  

The latest patent awarded to Jumptap is related to a computer-implemented method for positioning targeted sponsored content on a mobile communication facility, the method comprising the steps of:

  • Receiving data corresponding to a transaction event having occurred via the interaction of a user with the mobile communication facility, wherein the transaction event includes transmission of data representative of a first product or a first service being purchased by the user;
  • selecting advertising content based at least upon a relevance between an advertisement for a second product or a second service and the purchased first product or first service in the transaction event, wherein the relevance is further based on information relating to compatibility of the advertising content, second product, or second service with the mobile communication facility; and

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Cox Digital Solutions Targeting Verticals With High-Impact Placements Such As Appetite Media Says Prez Shaw

On Tuesday, Cox Digital Solutions (CDS) announced that it is adding a new brand, Appetite Media, to its portfolio of vertically-focused site networks. According to the release, Appetite Media will focus on offering “food lover” audiences to advertisers who also seek high-impact, “premium” placements. The company says that Appetite will bring together 22 million unique users per month as measured by comScore. Read the release.

Steve Shaw, president of Cox Digital Solutions, discussed his CDS unit and the Appetite Media announcement. First, can you frame for us where Cox Digital Solutions fits within Cox itself, and why?

SS: Sure. So a quick background – Cox Crossmedia is the company that I founded in July of 2007 and it was started as a division of Cox Reps, which includes TeleRep and HRP.

Cox Reps is the biggest TV representation firm in the industry with about a 40 share of the business out there for spot television representation.

Cox Crossmedia was founded to become the digital equivalent to the broadcast job that Cox Reps was doing. In effect – be a digital rep firm for all these local media sites.

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