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By Pramod Tummala   |   Posted at 7:00 am on June 29, 2011   |   No Comments

Exclusive: Myspace Sale Nearing End Today With Low $30M Price and Buyer You Never Heard Of

It was just supposed to be a three-hour tour, um, quick sale process!

But, like a storm-tossed ship looking for any safe harbor, the Myspace sale is still chugging along, with a deal that continues to be tossed around amongst low-paying and new lesser known buyers who are now in the $20 million to $30 million range, said sources close to the situation.

The price, said others, could go as high as $35 million, but it’s far cry from the $100 million that News Corp. had been aiming for.

As part of the deal, sources said the News Corp. unit will be making significant cuts in staff and costs — up to 50 percent or more — all contingent on the purchaser. The staff cuts are, obviously, directly related to the transaction and the winning bidder.

The media giant might also retain a small minority stake.

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What Aren’t Publishers Getting About Real-Time Bidding Today?

Often, a question doesn’t have an easy answer in the digital advertising business. This is a column devoted to an answer to a single question or topic – and providing a bit of space for it.

Today’s participant is Andrew Pancer, Chief Operating Officer of Media6Degrees, a social targeting, advertising company. He recently answered the following question in a conversation with beginning with… What aren’t publishers getting about real-time bidding (RTB) today?

AP: Publishers think that RTB is deteriorating their revenue streams. In reality, with the right focus and strategy, RTB can be a very effective way to increase yield as well as gain valuable insights to help influence direct sales strategies.

The market for display advertising is bifurcated today. There are direct response campaigns and branding campaigns, and clients plan for them in very different ways. Ad networks and publishers are expected to deliver results using different objectives for each.

Publishers have amazing tools at their disposal for attracting marketers, including video, mobile, rich media, sponsorships, site sessions and takeovers. Many also have the capability to marry online and offline integration into a compelling package. These are the things that make their offerings special and unique.

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