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By Jeff Kuntz   |   Posted at 7:22 am on June 28, 2011   |   No Comments

Need display? Would you like Google or… Google?

Google’s recent announcement that it will acquire Admeld no doubt has executive teams and boards in a flurry of analysis to determine what it might mean for their business. Whether you are counting the money you’ll make on your ad tech shares, or running to the hills for cover, it’s clear that this move will further consolidate the display advertising market.

But it is not inevitable that choice be winnowed down to Google or…Google—for publishers, advertisers or anyone else in the ecosystem.  The biggest thing Google will have going for its mega-stack is convenience.  The rest of the industry needs to provide alternatives that are also convenient.  This is why it’s time for interoperability in the digital advertising economy.

The early success of the OpenRTB initiative proves that independent buyers and sellers across the industry can and will cooperate to create interoperability standards that can enable competitive players to work together more easily.  This is already enabling more price and service choice for advertisers and publishers, while at the same time reducing the vexing complexity of our ecosystem.

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Cox Debuts Ad Network Targeting Foodies

Cox Digital Solutions is rolling out a new ad network dubbed Appetite Media, aimed at providing marketers with custom placements across some 500 specialty food sites that will collectively reach a monthly audience of more than 22 million.

Appetite Media will serve up specialized ad units and packages including branded recipes, custom widgets, sponsorships, background “skins,” roadblocks and larger-format ads geared to food enthusiasts. Partnering on the initiative is Gourmet Ads, an existing food-focused ad network spanning 300 niche cooking sites. To that total, Cox Digital has added about 200 more sites geared to the category.

Through its acquisition of the Adify vertical ad network in 2008, Cox already offers advertising on 7,000 niche content sites representing an audience of 130 million. (Cox Digital Solutions was formed earlier this year through the merger of Cox Cross Media and Adify.) But Appetite Media is expected to be the first in a series of premium ad networks built around verticals such as travel and finance, promising the type of prominent placement typically associated with single site buys.

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47 Ways to Buy and Place Online Display Ads

Not that long ago, online display advertising seemed to be heading for the morgue. Thanks to analysis from eMarketer released earlier this month, however, display has gained some newfound respect. Counting online video, banner ads, rich media, and sponsorships among the mix, eMarketer sees display growing at a faster pace than search advertising. Thanks in large part to branding campaigns, which it sees increasing to 44 percent of all online advertising, eMarketer predicts that by 2015, total dollars spent on display advertising will actually surpass those spent on search.

With this new attention focused on display advertising, I thought it would be a good time to recap all the different opportunities for buying and placing this form of online advertising.

By Means of Buying

Single site/direct-to-publisher. The media buyer deals directly with the publisher to negotiate specific placements or custom advertising opportunities on a single site or group of sites within the publisher’s control.

  • Specified size and/or placement. Perhaps you have found that a particular size ad, page, or on-page location works best for your advertiser and you only want to include that in your media plan.
  • Sponsorship. When an advertiser “hosts” or “owns” a page or section of a website.
  • Run of channel/section. Allowing multiple-sized ads to be served throughout a section or “channel” of a site.
  • Run of site (ROS). Allowing multiple-sized ads to be served throughout the entire website.
  • Custom advertising opportunities. Have an idea for how you’d like your advertising to appear on a particular site? Negotiate directly with that site for a custom solution. It’s called being creative.

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